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Monthly Meetings

Uplands Residential Association meets on the 2nd Thursday of the month at 7:00 pm in the basement of Bradley Epworth Church on the corner of Columbia Terrace and Elmwood Avenue. There is no regular meeting in December, September, or July. Annual membership dues are $20.00 and payable to the Uplands Residential Association in care of the current URA Treasurer.


“The Uplander” is published monthly and delivered to all homes in the neighborhood. If you have something for the newsletter, contact the editor, Brenda O’Russa.



Do you want to know who to call with an idea or concern about something relating to the neighborhood? Do you want to become more involved with neighborhood issues but want to learn more about what is going on? Contact the chairpeople
of committees listed below with concerns or offers of help. Click the link for a description of the committee.


Parking Information

Street parking on some of Uplands streets requires a permit Monday through Friday between 7 am and 7 pm (Elmwood, Glenwood and Maplewood are restricted from Main Street to the middle alley, Institute is restricted from Main Street to Columbia Terrace). Service/repair vehicles in permit areas do not need a permit if they have the company name on their vehicle. Both the permanent resident’s permit ($10/year) and visitor’s permits (stack of 50 per household per year, no charge) can be obtained at City Hall, 419 Fulton Street, in the City Clerk’s office. For questions not answered by the link below, contact the chair of the parking committee. More on Parking


Garbage and Recycling

Thursday is our garbage day. On a week with a holiday (New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, July 4, Labor Day,Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day), Friday is garbage day.

  • Please place all garbage in garbage cans with tight fitting lids.
  • Place landscape waste in separate specially marked containers.
  • Put out trash cans after 3 pm on the day before pick up.
  • Emptied trash cans should be removed from the alley/curbline within 24 hours of garbage pick-up.
  • Yard waste collection begins third Monday in March and ends on the third Friday in December.

Call Peoria Disposal Company with problems or questions at 686-8033.

Allowable for City garbage collection:

  • Furniture at collection point
  • Building materials in 4 foot lengths and bundled (50 lb weight limit – bundle
  • with rope or twine, not wire or plastic)
  • Railroad ties (4 foot lengths)
  • Cardboard boxes (break down, don’t fill)
  • Disassembled items at collection point (i.e. toilet tank/stool, swing set/concrete/pole)

City garbage collection – Special Case

  • Dead animals in city right-of-way (call Peoria Disposal Company, 686-8033 or Animal
  • Shelter 686-7297, after hours or weekends.)
  • Tires, on or off rim (call Peoria Disposal Company for schedule)

Disposal of other Materials/Items not collected by city:

  • Motor Oil – Recycle at Beachler’s Standard or Lenz Oil
  • Batteries – Recycle at I. Erlichman
  • Paint – Recycle at ICI Dulux Paints, 4310 N. Sheridan Rd. (Latex paint cans that are nearly empty can be left open to dry and thrown away with weekly city garbage pickup)
  • Appliances – For appliance pickup, cal Midwest Appliance Recycling 698-1242 or another appliance dealer
  • Water Heaters – Miller and Company, 1612 Southwest Adams, 674-1101
  • Computers/TVs – Retro Tech, 401 NE Rock Island, Peoria, 682-0675 ($5 fee for computer monitor or TV)



Curbside service, available through Peoria Disposal Company, is available for free with a $50 deposit for the container. Collection occurs once a month on the fourth Friday of the month. For additional information or to sign up for this service, call PDC at 686-8033.

Dump Location

Hanna City 565-4281 (Household trash is free, but demolition/construction materials are $20 a load)


Tax Exemptions

There are several tax exemptions available to homeowners in the City of Peoria, some automatic, some you need to apply for, and some for age 65 and older. For more information, see the Tax Exemption Brochure on the City Assessor’s website or contact the Assessor’s office at 494-8180.

  1. Owner occupied homes receive an automatic reduction of $5,000 in the assessed valuation. Check your property tax bill to make sure you see “owner occupied exemption – 6,000.” If your home was previously a rental, you may need to contact the assessor’s office to alert them of the change.
  2. If you make an improvement to your home that requires a building permit, the assessed value of your home will not increase for four years. This is an automatic deferral, upon issue of the building permit. To see what improvements require a building permit, see the City Inspections web page.
  3. If you are 65 or older, live in your home, and have an income of $45,000 or less, you may apply for a tax freeze. You must apply each year.
  4. If you are 65 or older, you may apply for a $4,000 reduction of your home’s assessed value (no income requirement).



You can download a pdf file of the Uplands bylaws.