Coffees are held each month in neighborhood homes, with the host graciously providing coffee and food. Contact Chaille Karl at 369-2455 to volunteer to host a daytime or evening coffee.

Boulevard Gardeners

If you would like to help create and maintain plantings in the Columbia Terrace and Institute boulevards, contact J.R. Hinchee at 673-0873.

Alley Garden Program

In the fall of 2006 we began an alley gardening program. Contact Jennifer Brady at 672-2203 or if you would like to volunteer your alley spot for our volunteer gardeners to weed and/or plant. We will schedule one spring and one fall alley gardening day every year. Let us know also if you would like to help with digging/planting, if you can donate plants
from dividing your own garden, or if you have suggestions for the program!

Yard Sale (May)

The Uplands holds an annual neighborhood-wide garage sale the Saturday before Mother’s Day. Contact Kay Ahl for more information (674-1270).

Annual Picnic

Our annual picnic takes place in September (Saturday after Labor Day). Grilled food is provided–just bring a dish to share. Contact Desiree Kane at 361-4362 for more information or to volunteer.