The Uplands Snow Removal Fund

What to Expect this Winter

This past couple of months, thanks to you, we successfully raised enough money to fund neighborhood-wide sidewalk snow removal. Here’s what to expect when it snows this winter:

What exactly will get cleared?

The public sidewalks, adjacent to the streets in the Uplands. is includes all of the public sidewalks along Elmwood, Institute, Glenwood, Maplewood, and Parkside, as well as the sidewalks on the north side of Main street from University to North Parkside and the west side of University from Main to West Parkside.

What will not get cleared?

Private walks and driveways, except the very end of the driveways that are in line with/part of the public sidewalks.

Who is doing the clearing?

Blunier Builders, Inc. (, a family-owned and operated company out of Eureka, Illinois. ey provide snow removal for several businesses in Peoria, including Campustown and Avanti’s, so they’re already removing snow in our immediate area.

What’s the threshold for snow clearing?

Two inches or more of accumulation.

When will the sidewalks be cleared?

For this to be effective, we wanted to make sure that the sidewalks were cleared a er the street plows went through the Uplands. As you know if you’ve lived through a snowy winter here, the street plows pile additional snow from the street up onto the sidewalks. We don’t want the walks cleared only to have

them piled with additional snow within a few hours. So we’ve made arrangements to have the City contact Blunier a er the plows have nished the Uplands streets. Blunier will then come through as soon as possible to remove the snow from the sidewalks.

How will the snow be cleared?

Blunier uses a six-wheeler Toro plow and the snow will be plowed into your yard.

Who do I contact if there’s a problem?

Contact one of the URA officers (listed on the back of the Uplander). Please don’t contact Blunier directly. Blunier needs a single point of contact from the Uplands to do their job e ectively, and the Uplands o cers need to know what’s working and not working so we can address any potential problems in compliance with our contract with Blunier.

How did you come up with the $4,000 goal for the fund?

We looked at the recorded snowfall for the past four years from the National Weather Service and determined how much snow removal would have cost for each of those years under the terms of the quote we received from Blunier. e last two winters have been mild; only three snow events each year had two inches or more of accumulation (average of 3-4 inches). Our investigation showed that we would have paid $2,475 for 2016/2017 and $2,150 for 2015/2016. e winter before that (2014/2015) was a bit heavier with ve snow events, and it would have cost about $3,800. e winter before that (2013/2014) was a record-breaking year. ere were eleven snow events that year with two or more inches of accumulation, and it would have cost $7,125 for snow removal. at’s an average of $3,887.50 over four years, including the worst winter Peoria has had on record. us, we felt that $4,000 would be a reasonable amount to raise to cover all but the worst potential winter.

What are the benefits of doing this?

The main benefit is safety. We have a lot of kids in the neighborhood who walk to school/bus stops, lots of pet owners who walk their dogs, lots of Bradley employees who walk to work, and lots of residents who walk/run for exercise or walk to One World, Campustown, and other amenities within walking distance of the Uplands. By clearing the sidewalks, all of these people will not have to walk in the streets during the winter, which is safer for everyone, pedestrians and motorists alike.

But aren’t all residents required to clear their walks anyway?

Yes. But unfortunately, there are some problems with this requirement. It’s not enforced, and thus, there is not good compliance in general. ose who do comply o en have their e orts stymied by street plows piling more snow on the sidewalks while they’re at work. Plus, not every resident is physically able to remove large amounts of snow from the sidewalks. is problem is compounded when street plows move heavy snowpack and ice from the street to the sidewalk. Even able-bodied residents nd clearing this additional ice and snow challenging. By hiring a contractor to do the whole neighborhood, all sidewalks are cleared equally using machinery that is designed for the task, giving pedestrians full mobility throughout the neighborhood.

Can I still contribute to the fund?

Yes! Just as with the Beautification Fund, you can contribute anytime.

When we have a big snow this winter, and our walks are cleared, and I’m filled with gratitude for this wonderful benefit, who do I thank?

Thank all your neighbors whose generosity and community- mindedness made it possible.