The Uplands Snow Removal Fund

Our Goal: Clear Sidewalks All Winter!

The Uplands Residential Association is enthusiastically recommending that the neighborhood establish a snow removal fund to keep our public sidewalks clear.


If we raise $4000 by October 1st, it will cover the costs to hire Blunier Builders, Inc. (a local snow removal firm) to clear all public sidewalks in the Uplands for the entire winter season.

How much will it cost me?

$20 from each household will be enough to make this happen.

What gets cleared?

ALL public sidewalks along the streets in the Uplands, including our side of University and Main.

When will they clear the sidewalks?

The city will contact Blunier as soon as the city has plowed the streets, and it is expected that Blunier will have the neighborhood sidewalks clear a few hours after that.

How will they clear the sidewalks?

6 wheeler Toro sidewalk plows, leaving some room on the yard edge of the sidewalks to avoid landscaping, sprinklers, etc. The snow will be plowed into your yard.

Will they clear the walk to my porch or clear my driveway?

No, we’ll still have to do that ourselves.

Who do I call if there’s a problem?

Contact one of the URA officers. (See below)

What if there’s a blizzard?

Extreme weather events (a single snowfall of 9” or more) will take longer to clear, and will also cost extra, which may deplete the fund faster than we’d like.

What happens if we have a really hard winter with a lot of snow?

We’ll run out of money, and you’ll have to start shoveling your stretch of public sidewalk. However, we’ve studied the climatological data for the last 4 years, which happens to include the largest snowfall on record for the city, and think this funding level will work just fine.

What happens if we have money left over after winter is done?

We’ll roll it over into the next year for more snow removal.

Who is Blunier Builders, Inc.?

You can read about them here:
They do a lot of commercial snow removal in the area and come highly recommended.

URA Contacts

President: C.J. Summers / (309) 673-8177 /

1st VP: J.R. Hinchee / (309) 868-0110 /

2nd VP: Steve Tyler / (970) 640-8617 /

Still have questions?

See the June Uplander for more details, contact one of the URA board members above or
Pete Magsig at or (734) 546-2988 or just walk up to his house on 1320 N. Institute and knock on the door. He’s probably home.

For More Information and the Payment Form

Download the pdf flyer: Uplands Snow Removal Fund